The La Palma Community Foundation


Passion. Experience. Diligence.


The first iteration of the La Palma Community Foundation was founded in 1999.  After a few years of inactivity, the Foundation was reestablished in November of 2016 with a new mission, a new Board, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Michele Steggell, serving as the mayor of La Palma at the time, reestablished the La Palma Community Foundation after noticing the loss of Kennedy High School's Every 15 Minutes program, a DUI education and awareness initiative.  Determined to bring back this impactful program and save lives, the Foundation's first major initiative was to reintroduce, plan and fund Every 15 Minutes once more.  Successful fundraising efforts have allowed the Foundation to expand its initiatives to include public safety programs and student scholarships. 

With a team of community leaders and visionaries, the La Palma Community Foundation is ready to be a positive force for good for the city.  With the support of our residents and local businesses, we look forward to increasing our capacity to give back to the community we are proud to represent.


Governing Documents




Our Mission

To serve the residents, students, and community of La Palma, California and to facilitate and promote community partnerships and financial support.

Board of Directors


Michele Steggell


Michele has been an active member of La Palma for many years.  She has volunteered for community organizations, such as Kiwanis and the Community Activities & Beautification Committee.  She currently serves as the mayor for La Palma.

Greg Goodyear



Tiffany Dang

Board member

Tiffany previously interned at the Community Services Department and volunteered as block captain for the Neighborhood Watch. She currently serves as a project coordinator in various non-profit groups related to climate action and as the School Board Endorsements Project Team Leader for Citizen's Climate Lobby. 

Jonathan Dhauw

media and communications

Jonathan serves as a communicator for the public sector and nonprofit spaces, combining his passions for advocacy and storytelling.  He serves as a member of the La Palma Community Activities & Beautification Committee, and previously worked on the La Palma Financial Sustainability Committee.  

Peter Kim

board member

Peter currently serves as member of the La Palma City Council.  In addition to volunteering with the Foundation, he is a member of the La Palma Kiwanis Club and a block captain with the La Palma Neighborhood Watch.  He also represents La Palma on the Orange County Sanitation District.

Noella Lew

board member

Noella has been a La Palma volunteer and homeowner for 39 years, serving on Neighborhood Watch, the Community Activities & Beautification Committee and the Cypress College Foundation. Her volunteer work has received recognition and awards from California Parks and Rec and PTSA. 


Michael McCrary

board member


Virg Narbutas

board member

Virg has been CEO for Prime Healthcare Management’s Orange County hospitals since October 2006 and oversees the operations of the La Palma Intercommunity Hospital.  He also serves as the Chairman of the Board for West Anaheim Medical Center and the Vice Chairman of the Board for La Palma Intercommunity Hospital. He is currently the Board Treasurer for Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center, and recently served on the County of Orange Emergency Medical Care Committee.

Ex-Officio Members

Laurie Murray

City manager, La palma


Terry Kim

chief of police, la palma